The Myth Surrounding Mobile Healthcare Apps Development and Costs

Medical mobile apps empower care providers, doctors, medical professionals, staff, and patients. Mobile Healthcare Apps automate time-consuming tasks by optimizing how doctors store, share and interpret patient care data. Besides that, the physician and patient can communicate any time of the day for assistance. It keeps the doctor and other medical professionals well-informed of the patient’s health condition.

Many mobile healthcare apps claim to come packed with the right features to effectively streamline communication between patients, providers, and their caregivers. Being a significant mobile healthcare apps development company, we provide a complete application to meet everyone’s unique needs in the healthcare process. It best fits everyone from staff, patient, doctor, hospital, or clinic, and here is what you look for before zeroing in on your mobile healthcare application development provider.

Patient Panel

Explore Doctors In The Preferred Locality

Users of the app should find the best doctors for online/offline consultation. They should be able to see by the doctor’s name, city, specialties, degree, address, consultation charges, ratings, availability, and more. If any of the details aren’t covered, then it is a loss for both parties.

Video Consultation

Ever since the coronavirus pandemic outbreak, many appointments and consultations have been happening through video. Patients should be able to book the video consultation appointment conveniently based on the doctors’ availability.

Appointment History Of A Patient

Mobile healthcare apps should provide both doctor and patient with the appointment history details, patient profile, and medicine order. Medical mobile apps also allow the patients to download the medicine orders. The app is user-friendly and allows defining the minimum time between appointments.

Book Home/Clinic Consultation At Home

In rare cases, the doctor needs to visit a patient at their place for supervision or a sudden illness. Such patients should have access to book a home visit by selecting their preferred doctor. After choosing the payment mode, users fill in the address, patient, date, time, and symptoms and book the appointment. The records can be shared with other doctors too.

See Upcoming Appointments

A quick view of the users’ calendar and appointments will reveal upcoming appointment details such as doctor’s name, date, time, payment status, symptoms, etc.


Push notifications can leverage the potential of your health care mobile apps. Users receive information on the upcoming appointments, follow-up appointments, rescheduled appointments, and shared medicine orders.

Doctor Panel

Manage Profile

Physicians can set up and maintain their profile details like qualification, specialty, awards, clinic details, and experience.

Detailed Dashboard

Doctors can set up and view new appointments, reschedule appointments, total no. of patients, follow-ups, consultations, and canceled appointments for the selected day.

Online Medicine Order – Create & Share

Physicians can create and share the medicine order for the attended consultation with the patient. Patients and Doctors can download it from the app.

Update Your Availability

Doctors can set their rates and availability type for a specific date and time based on the workload.

Cancel or Reschedule Appointments

Physicians can set up and see the reschedule or canceled appointment details by giving the appropriate cancellation reason. Notifications to users will go out through emails and push notifications.

Admin Panel

All-powerful Dashboard

The 360-degree robust dashboard provides details with information ranging from doctors, patients, revenue, and appointments. By selecting the date range on the dashboard, admin users with limited or full access will view every detail effortlessly.

New Doctors

Admin will register new doctors by keying in contact details, qualifications, services, consultation charges, specialty, and clinic information.

Reports and Analytics

Admin users will generate insightful reports of top-performing doctors, popular doctor categories, etc.

Manage Services

The manage services feature enables the admin users to manage the consultation services. They will be allowed to activate or inactivate users. The admin can also add and manage the cancellation charges for the services.

View Appointments

The admin users will have access to view and manage booked and upcoming appointments, canceled appointments, and rescheduled appointments for all the doctors for a selected date.

Configure Notification

The admin user is allowed to configure the categories for which the notifications are sent to the doctors and patients.

Optional Features

EHR, EMR – Integrations

It becomes easy as the interfaces are simple to understand and help track patient/physician manifestations, histories, and more. The notes and medicine orders are digitally attached to the patient’s health records.

Video Session Recording

Physicians can record video sessions after approval from the patient for future reference or sharing purpose with the patient.

Digital Health Records

Healthcare providers can securely record the medical and other relevant histories of their patients. Patients can upload and share health reports with their doctors for assessment purposes.

Flat and Percentage Discounts

Add and manage promo codes for categories, subcategories, or new users. Healthcare providers who wish to offer flat discounts and percentage discounts can benefit from this feature.

Why Choose HealthTechWiz’s Mobile Healthcare Apps?

HealthTechWiz’s mobile healthcare apps offer a fully-suite telemedicine platform that is custom-made, scalable, and user-friendly for all your medical service needs. Our mobile healthcare apps services provide a comprehensive ecosystem striving to optimize clinics’ operations.

  • 50+ Digital Platforms Delivered
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How Much does it Cost to Develop Mobile Healthcare Apps?

Healthcare services have become more expensive around the globe. The demand for mobile healthcare apps is growing. In the last decade, development spending for mobile healthcare app has risen massively and will continue to rise. Due to the time-consuming nature of mobile health app development, compliance with various security regulations, and the constant proliferation of emerging technology.

In the US, the price to build a healthcare app is on average $300,000- $400,000 and does not cover post-launch maintenance and promotion. But, for complex solutions, this number is insufficient.

On the other hand, the healthcare app development cost may vary by the device you choose to develop your mobile app (Android/iOS). An app development company in the USA charges around $200 to $300 per hour.

Wrapping Up

If you are looking to build mobile healthcare apps, get in touch with us. Our expert team will understand your requirements and provide you with the best mobile healthcare app. We will give you clear insights based on your requirements and provide the latest technology. We work with various clients who come to us for different needs. So, the pricing works differently, and it is affordable.

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