Application of GDPR:

GDPR applies to all organizations that offer goods or services to customers within and out of EU and companies with 250 + employees. Most marketers are the ones who collect customer data. They are more responsible for any communication in case of a data breach. So it is the Marketing department which should be ready to enforce GDPR.

Application of GDPR

GDRP Preparation Checklist

Data Breach Avoidance:

  • An experienced person or team should oversee data handling in this department so that all marketing campaigns with European contacts are reviewed and approved before going ahead.
  • Only records with a proactive consent notice should be contacted. Marketing automation should create a segmentation list with secure consent.
  • The sources of all contacts – like events, website registrations, sales etc. should be collected and documented accordingly to the channel.
  • Each member of the team should be educated on the consequences of a data breach.

Maintenance of Data:

  • When collecting data online, inform the user clearly about how the information will be utilized.
  • The age verification process should be followed strictly so that even if a child’s data is collected, it is done with the parent’s consent.
  • When an F to F contact is done, ensure that the client agrees to receive the company’s marketing notifications or emails.
  • Collecting the Country of Residence details for individuals and the Head office’s country should be mandatory.
  • Manage the existing leads in a proper database.
  • Clearly provide the details of how customers’ information will be handled, the nature of data collected, and how it is stored. Links that connect to the appropriate section should be provided to save users from browsing an entire long page with information.

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