Accessibility Certification:

This certifies that you comply with the Section 508 standards to a particular date.

  • The accessibility statement totals the feature types and compliance level achieved derived from a representative and random sample of the site pages. As all pages are not reviewed, this is to provide confidence that you conform to the accessibility standards.
  • Voluntary Product Accessibility Template: Websites and Applications based in the U.S, are gauged by the procurement departments and government agencies based on VPAT.
  • Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, WCAG 2.0 is processed through a process called W3C and each and every page has met the success criteria.
Accessibility Certification

The following steps are followed to achieve conformance:

  • Evaluation Scope to be defined
  • The website is explored
  • Selection and auditing of a representative sample
  • Documents are formed, and QA testing
  • Accessibility issues are found and rectified.
  • Final and thorough site verification is performed.

A statement of accessibility certification demonstrates that you are committed to accessibility. It assures the differently-abled user that your products are reliable and thus paves the way for loyal customers with increased sales.

Keep in mind to provide alternatives like audio, video, closed captions, etc., proper presentations,

User control, Easy to understand contents and descriptions, and predictability.

It would help if you had someone like us with experience to audit your property, remediate it, and help your team on how to do it by themselves and re-audit after remediation. Each and every step needs to be completed to be certified.

A certificate includes the company’s credentials and a report stating that a web-accessibility specialized company has certified you. As mentioned in the beginning, this certificate will not approve of you as an ADA complaint but will relay that you meet the WCAG 2.0 AA.

Once certified, keep renewing and re auditing to remain compliant.

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