Our innovative technologies provide new ways for your patients to connect with their care team and get the treatment they need.

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HealthTechWiz Telehealth Features

HealthTechWiz is a leading telehealth provider that offers a wide range of features to its patients. Some of these features include:

Video Conferencing

This allows the patient to have a live video call with their doctor or specialist.

Appointment Scheduling

Patients or care takers can schedule appointments with the doctor or specialist of their choice through our online portal.

HealthTechWiz is committed to providing the best possible care to the patients. We believe that telehealth is the future of healthcare and are proud to offer the organizations and patients the latest and greatest in technology and care.

Our Solutions

HealthTechWiz is committed to providing the highest quality telehealth solutions to our clients. We offer a full satisfaction guarantee on all of our services.


This allows patients to get their prescriptions electronically, which they can then take to their local pharmacy.

Medical Record Access

Patients can access their medical records through our secure online portal.

Billing and Insurance

We accept most major insurance plans and will work with you to ensure that you get the coverage you need.

Feedback and Reviews

We encourage patients to leave feedback and reviews to help continue to improve the services.

HealthTechWiz has been serving healthcare, clinical, and physicians with digital solutions. As a result, we elegantly recognize the unique needs of healthcare requirements and provide a spot-on solution.