A Complete, Made-to-measure ED EHR for All Hospitals

HealthTechWiz Healthcare has been put to use at various healthcare organizations. This includes:

  • Small rural critical access hospitals.
  • Community hospitals
  • Large multi-location enterprise health systems
  • Micro-hospitals
  • Freestanding Emergency Centers (FECs)

HealthTechWiz Healthcare :

  • Adaptability, compliance, and expertise in the custom-built system to satisfy the individual needs of each hospital.
  • Emergency department software
  • Emergency department solution
  • Award-winning 24/7 real-time support
  • Dedicated account manager

Clinical Documentation

Lightning speed charting, intuitive navigation, and the capacity to employ various input mechanisms make HealthTechWiz Emergency Department Software Solution the most straightforward documentation system. Exceptional features include:

  • Pre-populated complaint-specific templates
  • One-click orders from any clinical screen
  • Autosaving the moment
  • The ability to free text at any given point
Clinical Documentation
Patient Tracking

Patient Tracking

Track relevant patient information in real-time from pre-arrival through disposition. Simply help coordinate the flow of patients.

Custom-built by HealthTechWiz Healthcare Solution to perfectly integrate into your E.D. workflow utilizing best practices. Access every detail by the click of a button!

Enhance Patient Experience With The Best Emergency Department Software

Orders and Results

Order Entry and Results in Reporting can be done without any quick, easy, and reliable tensions with HealthTechWiz Healthcare. From any clinical display, orders can be placed. The clinical staff chooses from the combined orders menu. Processed orders are added to the tracking display. As a result, the appropriate staff will be intimated of the task that needs to be completed.

Orders and Results


HealthTechWiz enhances compliance, decreases denials, and optimizes financial performance. This is done through specific and comprehensive charge capture plus additional features. Our high-level facility charge capture is well-knit into the workflow and enables you to bill correctly.

By producing a more precise, uniform, and right bill supported by the medical record, hospitals can capture more revenue.

Risk Management/Clinical Decision Support

Clinical decision support (CDS) tools and Risk management tools are built directly into HealthTechWiz Solution. The tools are user-friendly that help identify, assess, and control threats to an organization’s’ capital and earnings. Clinicians can rely on up-to-date to make the best care decisions.

Risk Management/Clinical Decision Support

Additional Features

  • Discharge Planning: Health care professionals and the patient and the patient’s representative can easily coordinate in the discharge process.
  • Touch-enabled technology: HealthTechWiz offers users with added versatility through the use of various types of touch-enabled technology.

Key Benefits:

  • Improve Revenue
  • Optimize Productivity
  • Better Patient Experience

Enhance Patient Experience With The Best Healthcare Solution