The Future of Medical IoT In The US

Medical IoT has an enormous market and growth potential to reach $188.2 billion by 2025 in the US today. The healthcare devices of the IoT market is one of the fastest-growing sectors across the globe.

Usually, it is recognized by the names Healthcare Internet of Things, Internet of Medical Things, and Medical IoT. IoT healthcare solutions contribute largely to patient health tracking, management, and monitoring of essential healthcare processes. It is convenient for hospitals and doctors to monitor their patients remotely without the hassles of endless follow-ups.

The future of medical IoT in the US seems promising; the market was worth USD 30.96 billion a couple of years ago and is anticipated to demonstrate a CAGR of 24.5% during the forecast period, 2020-2026. The number of connected medical devices has risen significantly and comes at a crucial time as obstacles to obtaining health services continue to grow.

IoMT In The Next Five Years

IoMT – Internet of Medical Things has positioned itself well, and the coronavirus pandemic has given the needed push for it to grow exponentially. Back in 2018, it was estimated at $44+ billion and is likely to attain the $254.2 billion mark in 2026. It’s ecosystem development also paves the way for new technologies like kiosks that provide connectivity to care providers. Artificial Intelligence integration will also drive IoMT to greater heights as it has the potential for accurate remote measurement, patient data analysis, zero mistakes, and lower costs.

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Beneficial Top 3 IoT Healthcare Solutions In The US

IoT has already sent the ripples to other parts of the globe with its impeccable and timely assistance. As for IoMT, it is likely to go on a full scale for improving patient outcomes. We put together some of the top 3 IoT healthcare solutions to understand how it has impacted US healthcare in a big way.

Remote Patient Monitoring

The most common application of IoMT devices is remote patient monitoring. It collects a patient’s health metrics without human intervention like heart rate, temperature, blood pressure, and more. It does away the need to travel to the providers or collect it themselves. The data is forwarded to healthcare professionals for analysis. Data security and interoperability are the two major concerns that are getting addressed.

Hand Hygiene Monitoring

Since the coronavirus pandemic outbreak, it has become even more essential to maintain hand hygiene for ensuring providers and patients at a healthcare facility wash their hands properly. The IoT healthcare device can give instructions to people to wash their hands when they enter the facility. By implementing these IoT healthcare devices, infection rates will reduce by more than 55 percent. The contagion is brought under control with this solution in many US hospitals.

Drug Adherence Monitoring

Mostly, patients forget to take their medicines prescribed by the doctor on time. The medical practitioners have to ensure that their patients adhere to their drug-taking schedules. With drug adherence monitoring IoT healthcare solutions, a medical practitioner or healthcare facility personnel could keep track and instruct to take when required.

Wrapping Up

The future of Medical IoT is skyrocketing in the US because it assures to advance patient engagement further and enhance health care delivery. The aforementioned IoMT solutions are being used widely in the US to improve patients’ lives and clinical outcomes. As the IoT healthcare solutions improve and develop, their implementation in all aspects of healthcare can be expected in the near time. To develop solutions for your needs or healthcare solution ideas, we welcome you to talk to our IoMT expert. The FREE CONSULTATION >> will give you the right insights to get started.

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