Many health information technology improvements have enhanced healthcare quality and patient experience, boosted health information for treatment, and enforced safeguards that cannot be applied quickly or cost-effectively to paper-based health records.

Today, sensitive health information in digital form is aggregated, used, and shared more efficiently. Nevertheless, the digitization of health data also presents new concerns and privacy risks. On the other hand, the soaring cost of healthcare efficiency may pave the way for incentives to use the data in new ways.

While everyone appreciates the potential value of health information exchange and technological advancements, many experts and organizations are concerned about sensitive health information safety. Therefore, it is essential for ensuring public trust.

In this eBook, we cover essential topics surrounding information privacy and ensuring public trust, and they are:

  • Importance of healthcare privacy
  • Medical privacy ethics
  • Maintaining patient confidentiality
  • Health information privacy & HIPAA
The Role Of Information Privacy In The New Healthcare Environment

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