Artificial Intelligence (AI) in healthcare is working its way to the top, from automating drudgery and routine tasks to managing patients and medical resources. The trend is not brand new, but it has been sending ripples since the last decade, and now it is in full swing. AI in healthcare is here to stay and is at the forefront of healthcare innovation.

Today, some of the tops AI applications in healthcare proudly boast of robot-assisted surgery, dosage error reduction, virtual nursing assistants, and much more. As days go by, AI will enhance healthcare by fostering preventative medicine and new drug discovery.

The field of healthcare AI is buzzing. Many healthcare professionals, institutions, hospitals are set to embrace AI healthcare to provide advanced services.

In this eBook, “Intro to AI in Healthcare,” we enlighten the facts and road ahead for AI in healthcare. You’ll understand:

  • Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare
  • AI Healthcare Industry In the US
  • AI 2022 Stats
  • AI-Powered Healthcare Advantages & more
Intro to AI in Healthcare

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