When it comes to digital healthcare, there are a lot of options for patients and providers. In addition to generalist and specialist directories, there are also health apps.

The App Store is full of them. According to analysis from Rock Health, there were 97,000 health and fitness apps in the App Store in 2017. And that number has only continued to grow.

With so many options, it can be hard for patients and providers to find the right health app for their needs. That’s where Healthcare AdMob comes in.

Healthcare AdMob is a digital healthcare advertising platform that helps patients and providers connect with the right health app for their needs. In this eBook we cover in detail on:

  • What is AdMob?
  • How Does AdMob Work?
  • Types of Ads on AdMob
  • AdMob Pricing & more…
The Complete Guide To What is AdMob & How Does it Work?

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