Cost Analysis of Building a Healthcare App in 2022 & Why You Should Invest In One

Developing mobile healthcare apps is an increasingly popular trend in 2022.

Over 74% of the organizations, alongside individual healthcare providers, are keen on investing in a mobile healthcare app to monitor patient conditions and promote self-management behaviors in patients.

Besides that, there is no doubt that mobile healthcare apps offer superior convenience, and therefore, patients are willing to take up services that come through apps. Today, many people use mHealth apps to schedule appointments, connect to doctors through a video call for online diagnosis, and review prescriptions.

On the flip side, not all the apps offer convenience or help improve patients’ overall health. They fail miserably even though the organizations spend hefty sums – the purpose of developing a mobile healthcare app remains incomplete.

The more appropriate question is – what do doctors/organizations/patients look for in a healthcare app? Let’s uncover the mystery surrounding it.

Cost Analysis of Building a Healthcare App in 2022

Honestly, there is no exact estimation without understanding the requirements.

The project size, features, hardware requirements, everything comes into consideration before providing the estimate. All the simulations we present are based on our previous experiences and assumptions to predict a particular app’s cost roughly.

You can check out our “Mobile App Development” page and see app development with details on team composition, features, and requirements. We welcome you for a discussion too; our experts will help you decode the myths surrounding the development and maintenance cost.

What influences the cost of a health app?

Several factors impact the price of healthcare app development. Foremost, understand what you already have and what needs to be done. What features does the mobile app require to deliver its purpose – how many of it? Determining that is the first step.

When there is an app already in place, there is less work with back-end development. However, building it right from scratch – will involve more experts, money, and time. At HealthTechWiz, we provide end-to-end services with healthcare; we can assist you with;

  • Emergency Department Solution
  • Custom Healthcare Solution
  • Chatbots
  • Patient Data Management
  • Procedural Point-of-use
  • Preoperative Point-of-use
  • Compliance, & Integrations

Functionalities of a comprehensive mobile healthcare app

  • User registration and login process
  • User accounts/profiles
  • Administration panel
  • Search engine
  • Push notifications
  • Payment gates
  • Messaging system

Mobile healthcare app development costs can go higher because the healthcare industry requires various integrations with external systems, legal compliances, and better data security.

Features of a comprehensive mobile healthcare app

  • Video calls
  • Integrations with external systems
  • Integrations with medical devices
  • Security measures and compliance
  • Automation

Advanced features such as Google maps integration, geolocation, camera integration, etc., may take more time and money to finish the development.

Let’s work together on mobile healthcare app development.

Our experts know in and out about healthcare application development. Besides developing a mobile healthcare app, we can also help you create a software product for telemedicine. Visit our website!

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