Why Choose HealthTecWiz’s Scheduling And Appointment Management Software

  • Scheduling appointments through the software cut-shorts the lengthy process and provides smooth pre-registration
  • Compile patient’s necessary details such as demographics, age, and other factors to check on eligibility and prior authorization requirements
  • Check the provider’s availability before fixing the schedule
  • Physicians and patients get to communicate directly through the messaging system
  • Send notifications to patients about the appointment and get their confirmation
  • Send out automated reminders to the patient and provider
  • Reduces no-shows
  • Improve patient engagement
  • Organize physician calendar for optimized appointment management
  • Provider real-time dashboard to physicians
  • Enables end-to-end tracking of patient payment history and outstanding payments

How HealthTechWiz Schedule Management Software helps Healthcare Organizations Track Patients and Providers


Our Scheduling and Appointment Management Software strives to increase the match between doctors, nurses, rooms, equipment, medicines, and patient needs. The scheduling system reduces waits for patients while further improving the utilization of critical resources.



Healthcare is driven by profound research on the safety and efficacy of therapies. HealthTechWiz’s schedule management software offers sophistication in the processes by which care is delivered to patients. Easily create schedules that better match resources to patient needs.

Scheduling Challenges

Our schedule management software implements the schedule and accompanying analytics. The interfaces work with schedulers who set appointments and assign resources, doctors who may wish to input preferences and constraints, etc.

Scheduling Challenges
System and Data Integration

System and Data Integration

Raise the bill and receive payments promptly and accurately. Track individual patients’ medical history, improve operational and quality efficiency. Ensure that your patients and doctors never miss scheduled appointments through the proper system and data integration.

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How HealthTechWiz Schedule Management Software Seamlessly Integrates All Clinic Workflows?

  • Appointment Scheduler
  • Electronic Medical Records
  • Advanced Calendar
  • Automated Patient Reminder
  • Treatment Plan & Scheduling
  • ePrescription
  • Clinic Staff Management
  • Financial Reporting & Analytics
  • Medical Billing

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