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HealthTechWiz Health is designed to address the challenges of urgent care – which arrive 99% non-scheduled. With our 11+ years of experience, we are entrusted into creating secure and scalable cloud-based solutions. Our experts build exceptional solutions that are well-targeted to meet fast-paced healthcare environments.

HealthTechWiz Health will help you meet all the challenges that arise from non-scheduled care as we continue to innovate the solution to attain greater heights. We take great care in delivering quality care, quickly and smoothly, while optimizing results on the business front of healthcare. Our technology is unique, well-designed, and complete to meet all the challenges.

We keep a close watch in technology development by staying close to active practitioners’ needs in emergency medicine and HCIT. We develop strong relationships with clinicians, thought leaders, educators, and industry change agents in the process.

HealthTechWiz Health: An Urgent Care Game-Changer

HealthTechWiz Health solutions offer two technology charts to enable clinicians and other health care providers to serve better. Patients who pay unplanned visits seeking flexible access to care without compromising quality care delivery can quickly get it. Our products are in use at various teaching and community hospitals and Urgent Care Centers across the country.

The clinical applications provided by HealthTechWiz are based on software technology developed by our in-house team with inputs from emergency physicians and healthcare information technology specialists. We continuously work to improve the HealthTechWiz Healthcare software solutions from clinical insights in a real-world setting. We also provide clinics, hospitals, provider networks, and private practices with comfortable, cost-saving, and user-friendly online patient website solutions.

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